Zodiacal colors
- Colors and horoscope signs -

Motto: In deciding upon a proper color, neither the zodiacal nor the planetary values should be considered separately but blended as an artist mixes paints upon his palette. - Manly P. Hall

Astrological reference sources give lists of both planetary colors and zodiacal colors - here are some examples:

Juhani Nummela, Finnish astrologer, on zodiacal colors: Source: Astrologian Käsikirja (Astrologer's Handbook)

Aries: red, carmine red
Taurus: blue, pink, brown, green
Gemini: violet, varicolored
Cancer: silver, white, soft shades
Leo: gold, orange, yellow, bright red
Virgo: grey, navy-blue, spotted
Libra: rose-color, blue, pink, pastel shades
Sagittarius: purple, blue
Capricorn: black, dark shades
Aquarius: electric blue, lilac
Pisces: sea-green, red-violet

Manly P. Hall's 'general conclusions' on zodiacal colors: Source: Astrological Keywords

Aries: Flaming and somewhat discordant hues
Taurus: Pastel shades
Gemini: Monotonous tones
Cancer: Iridescent hues
Leo: Full spectromatic tones
Virgo: Dark indefinite colors
Libra: Clouded art tints
Scorpio: Murky, angry shades
Sagittarius: Rich, full hues
Capricorn: Lifeless, flat values
Aquarius: Electric colors
Pisces: Deep values or white.

Manly P. Hall: Zodiacal Colors
Source: Astrological keywords

Aries: Brilliant red
Taurus: Red-orange, yellow, and cream color
Gemini: Orange, violet, crystal blue
Cancer: Orange-yellow, green, blue-green
Leo: Yellow, orange, gold, and red
Virgo: Yellow-green, violet, blue
Libra: Green, yellow, crimson, white
Scorpio: Greenish-blue, murky red, brown
Sagittarius: Blue, yellow, and red
Capricorn: Blue-violet, indigo, gray
Aquarius: Violet, indigo, azure
Pisces: Violet-red, blue, green, and white

Beth Koch on zodiacal colors in dreams:
Source: Astrology of Dreams

Aries - Reds, pinks, black, purple
Taurus - Green, brown, tan
Gemini - Yellows, orange, multi-colors
Cancer - Blues, greens, grays, tans, milky or cream colors, silver
Leo - Gold, orange, bright colors, royal colors
Virgo - Green, gray, brown, yellow
Libra - Pinks, contrasting colors (black/white, bright/dark)
Scorpio - Reds, black, purples
Sagittarius - Gold, orange reds, bright colors, purple, royal colors, yellow
Capricorn - Black, tan, gray, browns, deep colors
Aquarius - Electric colors, multi-colors, conflicting or shining colors, neons, unusual shades
Pisces - Pastels, blues, grays, greens